A public notice has been issued for a project within your expressed area of interest. The public notice for this project has been posted on the New York District Corps of Engineers’ website:

File Number:  NAN-2016-01186-WOM

Applicant:    Metro-North Commuter Railroad

Activity:         Construction of a temporary access road along the Metro-North Harlem Line to facilitate the replacement of two (2) railroad bridges.

Location:     Town of Pawling, Dutchess County and Town of Patterson, Putnam County, New York

Project Name: Metro-North Commuter Railroad / Harlem Line Bridge Replacements

Public Notice Issued: October 21, 2016

Public Notice Expires: November 20, 2016

Please follow this link to view the public notice –

Note that you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view this document.

If you wish to provide electronic comments on this email you can reply to this email.  If you wish to provide electronic comments on a different public notice, you can contact the New York District Corps of Engineers at:

Public Notice NAN-2016-01186-WOM for Metro-North Commuter Railroad’s Bridge Replacement Work (UNCLASSIFIED)

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