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FILE NUMBER: POH-2014-00209

Department of the Navy
Mr. Edward E. Moon, Environmental Director NAVFAC PWD, Naval Base Guam

The proposed project is located in Inner Apra Harbor at X-Ray Wharf on
Naval Base Guam, in Santa Rita, Guam. The proposed dredged material
disposal site is located at the USEPA designated Guam Deep Ocean Disposal
Site (GDODS) which is located in the Pacific Ocean with a 3 nm boundary
diameter located 11 nm west of Apra Harbor, Guam; centered at 13° 35.500′
N., 144° 28.733′ E.

The Department of the Navy (Navy) is requesting a modification of
Department of the Army (DA) permit No. POH-2014-00209 for the military
construction (MILCON) project P-518 X-Ray Wharf Improvements Berth 1 to
rehabilitate and modernize Berth 1 of the existing X-Ray Wharf in Inner
Apra Harbor on Naval Base Guam. The permit modification would add an
estimated 79,540 cubic yards (CY), including a -2.0 feet of overdredge
allowance, of dredging to the originally permitted volume of 51,000 CY to
achieve a -35.0 feet mean lower low water (MLLW) navigational depth in the
project footprint.


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15-Day Public Notice for POH-2014-00209 Navy X-Ray Wharf Dredging Permit Modification

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